Ta-da: Instagram magnets

September 17, 2012 in photos, ta-da! by Carolyn

First off: this is in no way a craft blog. It’s not because I have anything against craft blogs; actually, I love them and read them the way some people read fashion magazines: they’re aspirational. I aspire to craft ever so craftily, but I usually wind up buying about half the materials I need, letting a year go by, realizing I’m never going to make the desired object, and either purchasing it or forgetting about it.

Occasionally, though, a project comes along that is so easy I almost can’t help but do it. This is such a project. And so proud am I of having completed a project, I had to share it!

Like all spoiled young(ish) people, I take a gazillion photos with my iPhone. I then use my 21st-century Instagram magic to make them look pretty. “AMARO! BRANNAN! X-PRO II!” I shout, tossing a newt on the fire. Presto change-o! I have a lovely, atmospheric picture of a special moment in time (or, if you are one of the Instagram-haters, an unoriginal, hipsterish piece of trash with its authenticity hacked away). Then I print my pictures, using the PostalPix app. Sha-zam! Now I can put them up EVERYWHERE!

This is an easy way to turn your photos into magnets so you can move them around on your refrigerator and use them to hold bills – or more Instagram photos. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I kept thinking I would go to the store and see a roll of flexible, magnet-on-one-side, sticker-on-the-other stuff. I’m sure it exists, but (see above declaration of craftiness failure) I never managed to hit the store to look for it. Instead, I was at work when the phone books were delivered. On each phone book were two 4×4″ magnets – ads for dentistry and the like. I nabbed a few of the magnets and saved myself having to cut out 4×4″ magnet squares – bonus Lazy Crafter points!

Here’s what you need: Instagram photos, 4×4″ square magnets, Mod Podge (I used the matte variety), brush.

Here’s what you do: First, squeeze out a bit of the ol’ Mod Podge. Brush it onto the front of the magnet, where you want to stick the photo. You don’t need a lot of glue for this step, but use enough to cover the front of the magnet. Then put your photo of choice on top and press down. It might wiggle around a bit, which is awesome – it gives you a chance to line it up perfectly.

Next, squeeze a bit more Podge. Use your brush to cover the photo with glue. You will probably need a bit more than you did for the magnet. Coat it up – make sure every bit of the photo is gluey. Wait for it to dry.

Holding the magnet in the middle, use your brush to coat the edges with Mod Podge. This will keep your photo from peeling off the magnet when you move it around on the fridge. Make sure the edges of the photo and magnet are gluey and use the brush to smooth any glue lumps that make it onto the photo. Let it dry again.

Ta-da! Instagram magnet! (Note: it will take longer for the glue between the magnet and the photo to dry than the glue on top of the photo. Be gentle handling your magnet for the first day or so, until it’s really stuck but good.)